The Impact of Online Activism

When it comes to me and what I think online activism is movement that is online. It might be as little as a hashtag but it means so much more. Online activism just someone using the online ability to reach out to more people by pushing what they believe in. It relates to digital leadership because Online activism uses digital leadership. There is a plan and strategy behind this movement and that is the digital leadership part.

In today's world I think a lot of change can from from behind the keyboard. Majority of us take a look at what's online before anything. The awareness of thing can be spread a lot faster through the internet than it can in any other way. Yes the internet isn’t all positives but when it is used in the correct way the platform can be very useful and powerful. The example of hashtags that I gave above is a way that is positive, and the meaning behind it. is so much greater when people see it.

When it comes to making a change I say there are many ways to do so. I think making a social media page for what you think needs to be done in your community is one way. Businesses use social media to promote their products so this could be done to create awareness for what needs to be done around the world and local communities.

One of the most know examples of online activism is Black Lives Matter. Nowadays you may see it being used as a simple hashtag, but it is very much deeper than that. By clicking this hashtag it leads you to all other post that include it and you’ll get an understanding of what it means. This hashtag also sparks the interest of people to where they might go to google and type Black Lives Matter to find out other information. Overall Black Lives Matter is on of many successful online activism movements that started with one determine person.



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Erik Gibson

Erik Gibson


Student at the University of Minnesota. Born and Raised in Detroit, Michigan.